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Cigarette Restitution Fund Program

The Maryland Statewide Health Network

The Maryland Statewide Health Network (MSHN) will allow local providers to tap into the clinical expertise at the University of Maryland and to expand participation in clinical trials. It also will provide access to high quality prevention, screening and early detection, and prompt treatment for cancer and other tobacco-related diseases for Maryland citizens. The network will identify and address cancer risk factors, facilitate screening, provide follow-up and treatment services for cancer and tobacco-related diseases, promote awareness and increased participation in clinical trials, and evaluate and monitor progress.

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MSHN Regional Office Receives Komen Grant

In addition, the MSHN will promote coordination and collaboration with local hospitals, health departments, and other health care providers, as well as establish additional telemedicine linkages through Maryland to improve access to quality education, clinical trials and services. For more information, see the Maryland Statewide Health Network Web site