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Cigarette Restitution Fund Program

The Cigarette Restitution Fund Program and the Greenebaum Cancer Center Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are studies designed to find new and better ways to treat patients with cancer. The Cigarette Restitution Fund enables the Greenebaum Cancer Center to open more clinical trials, thus giving Maryland residents the ability to take part in trials of promising new therapies close to home.

Through clinical trials, scientists and physicians at the Greenebaum Cancer Center have broken new ground in the development of anti-cancer drugs and treatments. The Greenebaum Cancer Center currently is conducting more than 200 clinical trials.

It is the policy of the University of Maryland to respect and protect the rights and welfare of all individuals. We take very seriously the protection of all human subjects enrolled in clinical trials. The university's Institutional Review Board is a key component for ensuring that the rights and welfare of human subjects are protected.

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